The Halo Infinite co-op marketing campaign has allegedly been reported to 343 Industries for holding a bug that impacts automobiles and Marines, however now the FPS developer has supposedly responded, explaining that the obvious glitch is definitely within the {game} “by design”.

One Halo Infinite co-op marketing campaign participant with the username oGxSKiLZz117 observed that, when {playing} the {game} on-line, the AI Marines that accompany Grasp Chief would solely enter automobiles that had been occupied or pushed by the participant internet hosting the co-op server – each gamers may have Warthogs, and sufficient Marines to fill them, and lead a dramatic cost on the Banished, however the troopers would solely mount up on the host’s automobile, leaving the opposite co-op participant by themselves. This obvious bug was supposedly reported to 343 through its official assist channels, and the developer is claimed to have responded.

The participant answerable for reporting the bug shares a picture, saying it’s a screenshot of an official response acquired from 343, whereby the studio apparently explains “the behaviour you might have observed concerning the Marines solely coming into the Fireteam chief or host’s automobile is by design”. PCGamesN has contacted each 343 and Halo Infinite’s writer Microsoft for affirmation that the response is official, and that this alleged bug is in truth within the FPS deliberately. We are going to replace this story once we obtain a response.

In the meantime, gamers have commented on the behaviour of Marines within the Halo Infinite co-op marketing campaign, arguing that the companion’s AI, whether or not it’s the results of a bug or not, leaves the FPS {game} world feeling “empty”.

“I feel this really contributes so much to how empty and useless the world in Infinite feels,” writes one participant. “Nothing’s ever occurring, no person’s shifting round. All of the Marines are at their FOBs or little websites ready to be rescued, save for a couple of scripted missions with them. The {game} would have felt a lot extra alive in the event you had been susceptible to working up on Marine patrols on the roads that will get locked into random fights with patrolling Banished.”

“The Marines’ AI in Infinite is actually primary,” writes one other participant. “It breaks inmersion when you’re presupposed to be main the remnants of the infinity forces within the ring however are unable to present orders, and Marines can barely assume by themselves.”

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